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We help companies match talent and teams with culture and values.

Step into a realm of professional assessments and engaging games, all crafted to elevate your understanding and expertise.

With our advanced data collectors, creating your digital twin is a breeze. Experience the power of professional assessments and groundbreaking neuroscience-based games firsthand.

You nurture your digital twin with structured work and personal data, and let Rbel handle the rest.

Rbel boasts advanced data-sharing mechanisms and includes a built-in GDPR solution, ensuring you have complete control over all the data generated on the platform, with the option to delete it anytime.

We offer employees and job seekers a range of tests, including IQ tests, personality assessments (BIG-5), neuroscience-based games, and a guide to constructing your digital twin (Master CV).

With Rbel, every employee completes a survey and a guide to build a job profile (Master Job Description).

All of this is delivered through a platform that grants you full control over how you store, analyze, and recycle your data, with sensitive information doubly encrypted.


The match maker - data

Our powerful AI-driven engine automatically maps between individual profiles and job profiles, providing an objective approach to human resource management and reducing biases in decision-making processes.

Rbel also assists in connecting work and people to ensure optimal utilization of human resources in the workplace.

Loaded with scientifically based assessments, guides, tests, and games (collectors), Rbel fuels job and personal profiles.

Our tests adhere to international standards and are validated by accredited professionals, while our games are developed and approved by The Global Neuroscience Community.

Scale-up ready candidates that match with your company's culture and values - Guaranteed!

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